Celtic Cross Communion International

The Celtic Cross Communion International is the home of many Churches gathered into one Communion. 

Our story came out of the prayer and hope of Jesus in John 17:21, “…that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.  May they also be in us so the world may believe that you have sent me.” 

Initially, in 2009, God extended a personal call that broke the ground for the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry. By 2021, the Ministry had grown into an International Communion of Clerics and Lay Faithful. Together we brought different scattered churches around the world to form a church after the very heart and vision of Jesus Christ for the new millennium. We have evolved into the Celtic Cross Communion International, an institution officially registered as a non-profit organization in the State of Pennsylvania (established in 2022).

As of this date, the Celtic Cross Communion International consists of the following church groups as regular and affiliated members: 

Old Catholic, Evangelical, Anglican, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Charismatic and Episcopal churches. Our different actions for ministry include: 

  • Ministry for the sick and elderly, 
  • Ministry for those in substance abuse, 
  • Ministry to the orphans and widows, 
  • Ministry to those who are victims of human trafficking and injustice, 
  • Ministry for victims of domestic violence,
  • Ministry to prisoners, 
  • Ministry to families and children, 
  • Ministry to tribal communities, 
  • Ministry of prayer and pilgrimages,
  • Special Ministry of Exorcism,
  • Special Ministry of Peace Intervention and Conflict Resolution,
  • Special Ministry for Weddings, Baptism, Funeral and other para Sacramental services.

The Celtic Cross Communion memberships are found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Pakistan, West Africa, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Catering to the spiritual needs of many from all walks and backgrounds of Christian Spiritual Faiths, we continue to grow and welcome others to join us.

Contact email:
celticcrosscommuni[email protected]

Disclaimer: The Celtic Cross Communion International is NOT a funding agency Church. We operate as self sufficient church ministry in each church branch. We also operate as independent church branches yet in full communion with the Mother Church: The Celtic Cross Communion International.


The School Of Exorcism is intended for the training of exorcists, in the International Communion of the Celtic Cross.

The School is directed by Bishop Rita of the Diocese of Alabama, in the Eastern U.S. Archdiocese of the Celtic Cross Old Catholic Church.

Bishop Rita is currently the Chief Exorcist for the Celtic Cross Old Catholic Church (Sacred Order of Exorcist), and she has presided over 200 plus exorcisms. She is the Chief Exorcist for The Confraternity of Saint Michael The Archangel-Sacred Order of Exorcists and appeared in the Television show “Eli Roth Presents: The Legion Of Exorcists” on the Travel Channel, Discovery Plus and MAX streaming service. (June 1st through July 6th, 2023 TVL Channel.

On April 19, 2024, the Reverend Mother Lesley Bianca Bonga was ordained an exorcist priest, after her training at the School of Exorcisms.

Episode 303 Interview Bishop Rita Strugala

Recommendation from Lesley Bonga

Lesley Working with Bishop Rita at the Celtic Cross Old Catholic international school of exorcism for women has been an enlightening and beneficial pleasure on my journey. As a woman who was spending time in prayer and discernment about answering a call to spiritual warfare, Bishop Rita offered courses that not only provided the additional Knowledge I needed to serve in the way I was being called, but she provided constant support, and a down to earth attitude that honored the various ways in which we, as individuals, can be called into this ministry. I have always felt drawn to the old Catholic denomination, but it was truly a blessing to work with other women in a safe, and supportive environment that doesn’t simply accept women, but encourages them to use their innate spiritual gifts to trust in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father. It is certainly important to study theology and to be knowledgeable and competent as clergy, but Bishop Rita took it a step further by exploring topics that are multicultural and provide a unique education that empowers women to step forward boldly, and with confidence in their faith and calling to serve all of God‘s people without judgment. Knowing that I have been given the formation needed to serve in the ministry of exorcism from competent instructors who have devoted their lives to God and this ministry, who have amassed experience and dedication to this cause is an honor and privilege. I am proud to say I am in the first graduating class of spiritual, female warriors at Celtic Cross International, old Catholic school of exorcism for women. Lesley Bonga Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Recommendation from Erica Versace

Knowing very little about exorcists I received Gods blessing to become one, and so I sought training through traditional churches. As you can imagine, the idea was promptly turned down because I was a female and the devil has a stronghold on cultural bias against women serving as Priests. I refused to accept no for an answer because I knew my calling came from God and no man could make me defy my Father. I began my search for any exorcist who would take me in and teach me the churches ways without regard for my minor physiological differences. Immediately upon looking I found the advertisement for Eli Roth’s “Legion of Exorcists” with Bishop Rita Strugala smack dab on the cover! I was dumbfounded because this was a woman! The timing meticulously fell into place and I knew it was no coincidence, so I had to contact her. The Bishop responded to my messages promptly, and listened to my testimony over the course of weeks without judgement. She mentioned the school and I knew without a doubt that this was all a part of God’s plan and his will coming to fruition. I am now a proud graduate of first class ever held, and I can not say enough amazing things about The Celtic Cross School of Exorcism for Women and the education and training I received. The lessons are as priceless as the continued acceptance and support given by all of the Celtic Cross Old Catholic Church Leadership. Our leaders have been blessed to recognize and resist the evil forces that keep Gods people divided, and I look forward to seeing this school prosper and serve God in building his army to triumphs over the evil we have seen plague our nations throughout history. I encourage all individuals who have received a true calling to serve God to serve it with all you have.  Thank you Bishop Rita.

Sobrenatural Case of October 31, 2004

Today I thought I’d share a case with you I and my group did back on October 31st, 2004. 

I received a call from a radio station down in Tuscaloosa, AL about a week before Halloween. The manager of a radio station said they have had intermittent activity they couldn’t explain ever since they moved the station into the old house  a year ago. 

Claimed lights would come on and go off when no one’s in the room, things come up missing and then appear somewhere else, they hear strange noises, someone thought they saw a shadow, but  the DJ booth/room had them all freaked out, no one wanted to work from the station. Could we come down on Halloween evening to investigate? They needed to know they weren’t crazy. 

The DJ’s would work from their home studio that night we’d have free reign of the studio. 

I got the address and the code for the alarm and assured him I’d do my best to try to get to the bottom of what they we’re experiencing. 

A couple days before our investigation, I looked up the property and house the radio station now called home. The house/station was in was a very old house with a very rich history. 

Built in 1840, it was maybe 20% Victorian looking and approx 80% farm house. The place looked HUGE. 8 bedrooms 2 bath, kitchen, parlor etc. I found out there were many deaths in the house, and amputations. The house served as a field hospital during the Civil War, the basement became a prison for rebel soldiers. 

After the war was over, the house became a funeral parlor, the basement became the morgue. 

When we went to the radio station there was a TON of energy. There were 4 of us investigating. 

We set up our equipment, and it felt like a “spirit highway “ to me, I knew there was an open portal. 

I did EVP sessions in different places at the station and I did get some interesting voices. At one point, I went outside, put my voice recorder under the house and asked “Who’s in the morgue?”

The first voice I got sounded female and like she was excited… I couldn’t tell for sure if she said “They are taking pictures in the Kitchen, kitchen kitchen” or if she said “go take pictures in the kitchen, the kitchen, kitchen”.

The second voice, a man’s voice,  right after hers said very clearly and proudly “We are fighting for our freedom!” That actually made a lot of sense since it was a hospital and morgue. 

Photo 1

I took this picture down the hall, the last room to the right was the DJ booth / room where they were reporting all kinds of activity – I’m really not surprised- I caught the open portal in this picture and if you look carefully at the end of the hall, by the DJ room you can see an entity coming through the portal… a very light gray in color and just coming into the hallway.

Photo 2 

At the top of the landing, a huge face looks in. 

Photo 3 

A closer view of the a face in the upstairs window.

Photo 4 

After getting that EVP saying something about taking a picture in the kitchen, I did just that… it wasn’t foggy when I took the picture and I didn’t see either of the two shadow people standing right in from of me! Hard to see, but if you look under the red arrows, the one on the left side was still forming, but was developed enough for the black mist to obstruct part of the crown molding – the one on the right was fully solid, not able to see any of the crown molding through the entity. 

Picture 5

This is an interesting picture for two reasons… there were 4 of us at this investigation… here you see Tracey, myself and Eric. We had caught something on the static cam in the dining room (that’s where this picture came from) and we were looking to see if any of us caught it on our cameras to corroborate the evidence… 

Reason 1: I want you to see what we look like because in a later photo I’m posting, it will be hard to tell who is who. 

Reason 2: look in the mirror and see the shadow… the other person who was there that night was investigating the grounds and was not in the house at the time this was taken.

Photo 6 

As I stood on the landing speaking to one of my investigators, I took several quick shots. Something very bright appears right in front of me and not on any of the other photos I took. 

Photo 7

Here’s where things start to get real interesting. While inside I thought I saw “someone “ pass by a 2nd story window! We all hightailed it outside after it and I was just in time to see this energy come out a window!

Photo 8

Close up of energy jumping out the window.

Photo 9 

Here’s where things get REALLY BIZARRE!!! You will notice in the next few photos the people do not look like the photo of us I showed you, the energy swirling around us was INSANE! I quickly realized (as you can see in the photo) the entire back “yard parking lot” was nothing but industrial sized generators and satellite dishes! The generators were putting out TONS of energy allowing entities to easily come and go at will!

Photo 10 

Close up of entity

Photo 11 

There was so much energy swirling around us, Tracey looks like a man in this photo.

Photo 12

Such a disturbing photo – Eric doesn’t look at all like himself, and another entity has joined there… look at the reddish colored entity to the far left in the picture!

Photo 13 

This is a close up of Eric and he looks nothing like himself at all… but more disturbing to me, is the red/tomato like entity in this photo. 

Shortly after that we shut down the portal, but with that much energy to draw from, it won’t be long and they will be having the same problems again.